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Ad Viewability

Ad Viewability: Ad viewability refers to the measurement of whether or not an ad has been seen by a user. It is an important metric for advertisers and publishers to understand, as it helps them determine the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.

Ad viewability is typically measured by tracking the percentage of an ad that is visible on a user’s screen for a certain amount of time. For example, if an ad is 1000 pixels tall and only 500 pixels are visible on a user’s screen for at least one second, the ad would be considered 50% viewable.

Measuring ad viewability is important because it helps advertisers and publishers understand how many of their ads are actually being seen by users. If an ad is not viewable, it is essentially wasted money for the advertiser and a missed opportunity for the publisher.

There are several factors that can impact ad viewability, including ad placement, ad format, and user behavior. Advertisers and publishers can work together to optimize ad viewability by testing different ad formats and placements, and by analyzing user behavior data to better understand how users interact with ads.

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