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Generated 9M Worth of Tools Added to Cart in 3 Months for Greenfield Tools

4.5M 3.5M 20%
Total Impressions Total Reach Conversion Rate

Greenfield Tools is a leading provider of hardware tools and supplies known for its affordability and mall locations. Offering a comprehensive range of products for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts, Greenfield Tools is dedicated to providing innovative tools to meet changing customer needs.

    Brand Requirements
    • Increase Lazada and Shopee Sales
    • Provide Community Management
    • Monitor analytics and e-commerce behavior via CPAS
    • Target new and existing customers by using remarketing Paid Ads
    What We Did

    We were tasked with increasing sales on Lazada and Shopee, providing community management, monitoring analytics and e-commerce behavior via CPAS, and targeting new and existing customers through remarketing Paid Ads. To achieve these goals, we developed an intensive Paid Ads planning and strategy that targeted both new and existing customers.

    Our efforts paid off, resulting in a 9M added to cart sales value with a conversion rate of 20% in just 5 months. This impressive result is a testament to our expertise in e-commerce marketing and our commitment to delivering outstanding results for our clients.

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