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11 Must-Watch Social Media Shifts for 2024 in the Philippine Market

In today’s digital age, social media has become an irreplaceable aspect of our daily routines. It has not only altered our communication methods but also influences our consumption of information. Looking towards 2024, here are 11 key social media trends that marketers in the Philippines should keep on their radar for a competitive edge in their marketing strategies.

Trend #1: Balancing AI Integration with Genuine Engagement

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the way businesses interact with their target audiences on social media. AI-powered chatbots offer personalized customer service while AI-driven content curators present timely and user-specific content. Businesses should consider absorbing AI into their social media marketing strategies alongside preserving authenticity and honest human interaction.

Working with AI while Maintaining the Human Touch

While it’s undeniable that AI is the current and future trend, maintaining human-like authenticity in your content is key to ensure your audience does not harbor reservations or misgivings about AI-generated responses. Therefore, as a marketer, you must strike a delicate balance between AI assistance and authentic storytelling.

What Steps Can You Take to Maintain this Balance?

  • Create clear guidelines for AI content generation, covering aspects like brand voice and tone. Delegate certain tasks to AI while retaining some for human touchpoints.
  • Train your team to work creatively with AI. While it can assist in generating content, human creativity and expertise are still invaluable for adding unique perspectives and emotions.
  • Assign a team to review AI-generated content. They should review and make necessary adjustments to ensure alignment with brand values and audience expectations.
A group of people sitting at desks in a classroom.
A group of people sitting at desks in a classroom.

Trend #2: Edutainment – The Fusion of Education and Entertainment

As the consumption of social media content escalates, merging educational and entertainment components presents an opportunity to generate engaging and informative content. Brands can benefit from this trend by initiating interactive and educational social media campaigns that both educate and entertain their audience.

Navigating the Blend of Learning and Leisure

The fusion of education and entertainment, known as “infotainment,” stands as one of the biggest trends transforming the social media landscape. This approach is about delivering an engaging experience that ties information with enjoyment, which ultimately resonates deeper with the audience.

What Can You Do to Maximize the Power of Infotainment?

  • Leverage the interactive features of social platforms to create quizzes, polls, and live Q&A sessions, making learning enjoyable and participatory.
  • Capitalize on trending audios, challenges, or contests to deliver valuable information in a fun and engaging manner.
  • Use memes to incorporate humor and relatability into your content to connect with your audience on a personal level.
  • Share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your operations or company culture to show the personal side of your business.

At Lime Digital Asia, we understand the potency of infotainment in building profound consumer connections, and we work diligently to ensure our clients’ brands deliver not just valuable information but also delightful experiences.

A smartphone with social media icons on it.
A smartphone with social media icons on it.

Trend #3: The Ascendancy of Short-form Videos

In the Philippines’ social media landscape, short-form videos have taken center stage. Platforms such as TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts have transformed audience engagement. The popularity of these minutes-long videos continues to surge, providing captivating content that resonates with various audiences.

Why are Short-form Videos So Impactful?

The brevity and mobile-friendly format of these videos are tailor-made for today’s fast-paced digital landscape where swiftly grabbing the audience’s attention is paramount. These concise yet effective videos offer a compact way for brands to convey their message, creating an emotional connection with their audience through storytelling.

What Steps Can You Take to Capitalize on This Trend?

  • Start by choosing the platforms that align with your target audience and brand voice.
  • Craft engaging, concise videos that tell compelling stories or showcase products effectively.
  • Stay updated with the short-form video trends and features by regularly scrolling the “For You,” “Reels,” and “Shorts” pages
  • Experiment with new formats, challenges, interactive elements to keep your content fresh and engaging.
  • Develop a regular posting schedule for short-form videos using a social media calendar.

At Lime Digital Asia, we recognize the power of short-form videos in capturing attention and creating an emotional connection. Backed by data and fueled by creativity, we help brands tell their stories effectively through engaging short-form videos, making an unforgettable impact.

A man is sitting at a desk in front of two monitors.
A man is sitting at a desk in front of two monitors.

Trend #4: The Blossoming Creator Economy

The creator economy, a sector that values and rewards independent content creators, has seen significant growth. This trend is transforming how people engage with brands on social media, with influencers leading the way in fostering trust and connection among audiences.

Leveraging Influencers for Your Brand

While influencers are known for their authenticity and relatability, their unique ability to engage with followers makes them an invaluable resource for brand promotions. Brands that collaborate with content creators not only showcase their products but also demonstrate expertise and engage in meaningful ways.

How Can You Tap Into the Creator Economy?

  • Identify micro-influencers and content creators who align with your brand values and target audience.
  • Collaborate with creators for product promotion and showcasing expertise to engage with the audience in meaningful ways.
  • Ensure that content created by influencers aligns with your objectives and resonates with the audience’s interests.
  • Consider forging long-term partnerships with influencers who can consistently represent your brand authentically.

Empowering Creators with Lime Digital Asia

At Lime Digital Asia, we understand the transformational power of the creator economy. We facilitate collaborations between brands and creators to effectively bridge the gap between businesses and their audiences.

A person using a smartphone at night.
A person using a smartphone at night.

Trend #5: Shifting Engagement to DMs

With the constant stream of content on social media feeds, more and more interactions are moving towards direct messages (DMs). This shift is indicative of people feeling more comfortable sharing their opinions privately rather than broadcasting them publicly.

Why Engagement is Moving Towards DMs

One major reason for this shift is that private conversations allow for more personal connections. Also, social media platforms have been improving their DM-centered features such as Notes and Broadcast channels, streamlining communication between brands and consumers.

What Steps Can You Take to Adapt to This Trend?

  • Encourage the audience to connect with questions and feedback in DMs.
  • Equip your social media team with tools like SocialPilot to manage and quickly respond to DMs across platforms.
  • Set up automated responses to quickly reply to frequently asked questions.
  • Build relationships with influential creators who already have established communities on social platforms.

At Lime Digital Asia, we recognize the potential of direct messaging in fostering personal connections with audiences. We provide services that can help you manage and respond swiftly to DMs, building meaningful relationships while also addressing immediate customer concerns.

A woman's hand holding a small plant in the dirt.
A woman’s hand holding a small plant in the dirt.

Trend #6: Amplifying Authentic Sustainability Communication

In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, brands that adopt and communicate sustainable practices gain a competitive edge. Social media provides a platform for brands to share their eco-friendly initiatives, connecting with a growing eco-conscious consumer base.

How to Effectively Communicate Your Sustainability Efforts

Authenticity and transparency are key in sustainability communication. Brands that effectively communicate their sustainability efforts and environmental initiatives find a strong resonance with their audience.

What Can You Do to Highlight Your Sustainability Initiatives?

  • Understand your target audience, including their eco-consciousness level, preferences, and values.
  • Develop a social media strategy that highlights your sustainability initiatives, eco-friendly products, and corporate responsibility efforts.
  • Share authentic and transparent stories about your sustainability journey. Share real-life examples of environmental impact reduction and eco-friendly product development.
  • Encourage audience participation in eco-friendly challenges, contests, or discussions related to sustainability.

At Lime Digital Asia, we understand the importance of sustainability in today’s market. We help brands effectively communicate their sustainability efforts, aligning their values with those of their eco-conscious consumers, building a loyal and environmentally responsible customer base.

A magnifying glass with social icons on it.
A magnifying glass with social icons on it.

Trend #7: Social Media Platforms Transforming into Search Engines

Search engines are no longer the sole source of information. Social media platforms are now becoming places where people discover news, products, and insights. Businesses should consider utilizing relevant keywords and hashtags for their social media content to ensure they appear when their audience searches.

The Evolution of Social Media Into Search Engines

As people are finding convenience and relevance in social platforms, the demand for exploration has also increased. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram now accommodate this demand by continually improving their search experiences.

What Steps Can You Take to Boost Your Social Media SEO?

  • Use relevant keywords and hashtags in captions and profiles to ensure you appear when your audience searches.
  • Stay updated with the best SEO practices of each platform.
  • Craft content that aligns with keyword search intent.
  • Deliver fresh content that provides entertaining answers to commonly asked questions in your niche.
  • Enhance accessibility by adding alt text to your social media images.

At Lime Digital Asia, we understand the significance of social media platforms evolving into search engines. We guide businesses in optimizing their social media presence, ensuring their content surfaces when their audience searches.

A hand holding a smartphone with social media icons on it.
A hand holding a smartphone with social media icons on it.

Trend #8: From Mobile-First to Mobile-Only

The mobile-first approach has now shifted to mobile-only, with some social media platforms focusing solely on mobile interfaces. Brands need to optimize their content for mobile viewing to ensure they continue to engage their audience effectively.

Why Going Mobile-Only is Crucial

The shift towards mobile-only is driven by the convenience and accessibility of mobile devices. Mobile-only platforms offer unique features like AR filters and vertical video formats that make content consumption engaging and enjoyable.

How Can You Optimize Your Strategy for Mobile-Only Platforms?

  • Keep mobile interface in mind while designing content. Make sure text is readable on small screens and visuals are clear and attractive.
  • Keep content concise and engaging to cater to mobile users with a short attention span.
  • Leverage mobile-only features like AR filters, vertical videos, and sticker interactions to make your content more engaging.
  • Stay updated with the new mobile-only features and trends on each platform to remain relevant and competitive.

At Lime Digital Asia, we acknowledge the significance of mobile-only platforms in the digital landscape. We help businesses to optimize their content for mobile viewing and leverage the unique features these platforms offer to engage their audience effectively.

A woman working on a computer at night.
A woman working on a computer at night.

Trend #9: Importance of Community Management

Community management has become pivotal in today’s digital marketing strategies. Managing a brand’s online community helps foster relationships, engage audiences, and build brand trust.

Why Community Management Matters

Community management is a critical tool for understanding audience needs, fostering relationships, and turning followers into advocates. It encourages interactive conversations leading to deeper customer-brand connections.

How Can You Improve Your Community Management?

  • Actively engage with your audience by promptly responding to comments and messages.
  • Foster a two-way conversation to engage your audience and understand their needs.
  • Regularly review audience feedback to understand their needs and expectations.
  • Create engaging content that encourages audience participation and interaction.

Community Management with Lime Digital Asia

At Lime Digital Asia, we recognize the importance of Community Management in building a loyal and engaged user base. We engage with audiences, fostering two-way conversations and turning followers into brand advocates.

A woman is looking at her phone in a store.
A woman is looking at her phone in a store.

Trend #10: Social Shopping and the Rise of E-Commerce

Social shopping has revolutionized the online business landscape, enabling consumers to discover and purchase products directly through social media platforms. Brands must leverage this trend to create seamless shopping experiences for their audiences.

Why Social Shopping Is Essential

Social shopping enhances online shopping experiences by merging social interactions and commerce. Customers can browse products, read reviews, and purchase without leaving social media platforms.

How Can You Leverage Social Shopping?

  • Set up a product catalog and shop on social media platforms where your target audience is most active.
  • Engage consumers with high-quality images and videos of your products.
  • Post user-generated content to highlight customer satisfaction and product quality.
  • Use social ads to promote products and redirect traffic to your social shop.

Social Shopping with Lime Digital Asia

At Lime Digital Asia, we comprehend the power of social shopping. We assist brands in setting up and optimizing their social shops, creating engaging customer experiences, and driving sales.

A woman using a video camera in the kitchen.
A woman using a video camera in the kitchen.

Trend #11: Live Streaming for Real-Time Engagement

Live streaming on social media platforms allows brands to interact with their audience in real-time, boosting engagement and deepening community relationships.

The Impact of Live Streaming

Live streaming fosters an immediate and authentic connection between brand and audience. Whether it is a product launch, tutorial, or Q&A session, live streams create a sense of community and urgency.

How Can You Maximize the Power of Live Streaming?

  • Plan live broadcasts in advance and promote them through posts and stories.
  • Engage with your audience in real-time by responding to comments and questions during the live stream.
  • Keep the content interactive and engaging to hold viewers’ attention.
  • Use features such as guest streaming to increase reach and enhance community relationships.

Live Streaming at Lime Digital Asia

At Lime Digital Asia, we understand the power of live streaming in fostering real-time engagement. We advise and assist brands in devising effective strategies for live streaming, facilitating genuine interactions, and sparking a sense of community.


As we look ahead to 2024, the social media landscape in the Philippines is poised for a transformative shift. It’s not just about new trends emerging but also the evolution of current practices. AI will continue to streamline customer service, but there will be an increasing emphasis on humanizing its application. Short-form videos and live streaming will continue to dominate as brands find innovative ways to tell their stories and engage with their audience in real-time.

The blossoming creator economy and shift towards DMs signal a broader movement towards personalized connections with consumers. As platforms evolve to search engines, mobile-only interfaces skyrocket, and social shopping becomes mainstream, marketers will need to adapt swiftly to cultivate relationships with consumers on their preferred platforms and formats.

Community management will emerge as a critical aspect of customer engagement, while authentic sustainability communication will increasingly impact brand image and consumer choice. Therefore, it’s essential not just to adopt these trends but to integrate them holistically into the larger marketing strategy.

However, it’s important to remember that while trends can offer valuable directional insights, each brand’s journey is unique. The coming years will be about refining and personalizing strategies, understanding the nuances of these trends in relation to the specific audience, and creating an authentic and engaging brand presence across platforms.

Indeed, the future of social media is promising and brimming with opportunities. By understanding these shifts and aligning them with strategic brand goals, businesses can navigate this evolving digital landscape, foster lasting relationships with their consumers, and ultimately, drive growth and success in their endeavors.

Michico Oranga
Michico Oranga
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