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The “Cheesiest Place on Earth” Stretched to Over 8M New Customers and Generated 9 New Franchises in Just 6 Months

11M 3.57%
Total Impressions Engagement Rate

EBC (Everything But Cheese) is a unique cheese-themed quick-service restaurant based in the Philippines. They began operations in 2015 at a small food stall in Manila and have since grown to become a well-known destination for specialty and innovative cheeses.

    Brand Requirements
    • Create one branding and design system
    • Promotion of products
    • Generate new franchise inquiries
    • Announcement of new branches
    • Target new customers and lead them towards a branch near them
    What We Did

    Our agency assisted EBC in increasing its online presence and driving growth for the business through various digital marketing efforts such as social media campaigns, ads, and lead generation for new franchisees. As a result, EBC has been able to establish itself as a leading brand in the Philippines and continue to grow its business


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