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AR Lens & Filter Agency

We augment reality. In your mARketing mix.

Build your AR dream experience with us

Our innovative and engaging AR Lenses and Filters can help your brand stand out in a crowded digital landscape. With our cutting-edge technology and creative expertise, we can bring your brand to life through interactive and immersive experiences.
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AR made for marketing

There are millions of different ways to get creative with AR: from marketing and advertising to packaging and products, sky’s the limit.

AR Commerce

Boost sales by allowing users to visualize your products in real-life context while surfacing additional information, directly to your eCommerce.

Virtual Try-On

Let users try on fashion and beauty products and exploit your brand potential with virtual try-on experiences that blow minds and improve engagement.

Face Filters & Effects

Customers want to have fun: interact with users and add to your AR marketing campaigns fun filters and get ready to become viral. Everyone loves a cool filter after all!

Interactive Print

Revamp old-school printed media and get ROI from offline communication: add a digital AR layer to your catalogs, brochures, and even business cards and make print interactive.

Augmented Places

Get the most of GPS data and offer users amazing WebAR experiences with Geolocation; whether you need to boost tourism or organize a treasure hunt for your team you’ll love this feature!

Augmented Reality | Lime Digital Asia
Augmented Reality | Lime Digital Asia
Augmented Reality | Lime Digital Asia
Augmented Reality | Lime Digital Asia

Widen your audience, improve your engagement and boost conversions 🚀

Attract new segments

Gen Z and Millennials speak differen language: connect with them and offer them WebAR experiences relevant to them.

Send lead generation to the sky

Give your audience tailored, immersive experiences that let them build a more interactive relationship with your brand.

Collect useful data in a snap

Collect data and insights about your AR experiences’ users. We will then neatly present them to your dedicated dashboard.